What Is PCRP (Personal Credit Report Plus)

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What Is PCRP (Personal Credit Report Plus)

Understand and control your financial status with a Personal Credit Report Plus (PCRB). Additionally, know how your credit reports function and how banks, lenders, and other financial institutions use it. This makes it much easier to understand your credit status. A Personal Credit Report is more than just a report; it is your credit management tool for financial and monetary empowerment. Here is all you need to know about PCRP.

1. Using it to enhance your financial management

Gone are the days when one would have to strain to visit a bank somewhere in Negara, or a government financial institution to request for a credit report. You can easily attain yours conveniently, by visiting RAMCI. When I had mine done, it took only about fifteen minutes of my time and only required my IC. In addition to being smooth, fast, and efficient, the RAMCI Personal Credit Report can also be said to be comprehensible.

Knowing your personal credit report is essential. It ensures that you have a clean slate in the bank's eye and that you are trustable with repaying the dues in time. If your credit report shows problems, knowing it can enable you to make the required changes in a bid to rectify it.

It's widely known that with the correct investing strategies and prudency in our expenses would make us successfully rich. However, have you ever tried checking your credit score? I recently attended a talk held by RAM Credit Info (RAMCI), undoubtedly the largest credit reporting agency in Malaysia, offering innovative credit solutions for commercial and financial sectors. I admit it was indeed an eye-opener, that I wouldn't mind sharing with you today. Here is what the talk focused on;

2. What a Personal Credit Report Plus (PCRP) is

A PCRP enables one to manage their credit profile, multiple credit accounts, and ensure that they are qualified for loans from banks and other financial institutions. Understanding your personal credit report is equally important. RAMCI features a comprehensive Personal Credit Report Plus, which offers one-stop information that is easy to read, thus enabling you to review and check your credit information seamlessly. RAMCI's PCRP provides comprehensive information for your credit score and material. This includes i-Score (Credit Score), Banking Information, Trade References, enquiries made on your Legal History, and PTPTN.

The PCRP report features your bankruptcy information, legal notices, and details on your business, or the roles you play in a business. In cases where there is a legal action taken against you, the status of the case is updated in the credit report. Also, this information can be accessed indefinitely by the public.

3. Understanding your i-Score credit with ease

The i-Score rating is accessible for both PCRP and My Credit Watch reports from RAMCI. It's a scoring system made up of three digits that reflect your prospect of repaying the loan in time. With a bigger i-Score, you pose lesser risk for banks and other financial agencies that might grant you a loan. You are capable of managing and controlling your i-Score since it depends on your credit history, as derived from your credit report. This means that by repaying your loans in due time, it will automatically reflect in the report. However, the i-Score rating does not influence whether or not you will be approved for a loan; it only assists lenders and financial institutions in making the correct loan-granting decisions.

You can easily access your i-SCORE with the Personal Credit Report plus from RAMCI. By knowing where you stand and what your chances are, you can conveniently place measures to improve your situation. Some ways in which you can improve your rating include:

Ensure to check your credit report for accuracy regularly.

  • Pay your bills promptly
  • Avoid overdue accounts or occasions such as legal action and bankruptcy on your credit report.
  • Efficiently manage all your credit card balances
  • Only apply for or open new credit accounts when necessary or when you want them
  • If you have occasionally missed payments, update them and stay updated
  • Clear off your debts entirely instead of moving them between different credit cards.

CEO of RAM Credit Info, Ms. Dawn Lai, was present at the talk. In her view, it is highly important to be proactive by knowing your credit report and reviewing it every year. Making the correct credit management decisions shows how prepared you are for your upcoming big investment decision. Also, you can avoid falling into pitfalls during your financial crisis by getting to know your PCRP as early as now. Contact CreditScan today to get your finance report checked and done

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